Dreams can be a source of insight, new perspective, and healing potential as well as connect us to inner resources and a deeper wisdom. We can also bring dreamwork approaches to our waking life to find the same depth of insight and creative possibilities in everyday moments. I offer both dreamwork groups and individual sessions.


I offer a compassionate, nonjudgmental space, attuned listening, and simple yet powerful tools with which we can explore what isn't working in your life and open up new possibilities, allowing you to move toward self-acceptance, connect with inner resources, and experience greater well-being .

I draw on twenty years experience as a psychotherapist and a broad background which includes EMDR; The Work of Byron Katie; dream work; somatic awareness; Jungian perspectives; and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy.

Issues I work with include depression, anxiety, trauma, loss, transitions, spirituality, stress, and relationships.

At present, I primarily offer teletherapy. I also have an office located in Albany/Berkeley, accessible by public transportation.

I welcome you to contact me at (510) 527-9061 for a free phone consultation to explore your needs and what might serve you.

The Work of
Byron Katie

Simple yet profound, Byron Katie's Inquiry is a powerful way to challenge the thoughts and stories that sabotage our life and relationships, and to transform anger, depression, and judgment into empowering change in our lives -- freeing us to live more fully and with more joy.

I am a certified facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, and have been using The Work with others since 1999. I offer facilitation sessions of The Work of Byron Katie in person and by phone, as well as groups, workshops and teleclasses.

I have found The Work of Byron Katie to be a rich resource in my work with psychotherapy clients as well, loosening the core beliefs that hold our negative patterns in place and that block us from moving forward, and I integrate it in my psychotherapy work with those that it might serve.